Tuesday, 30 June 2009

Acclaimed Statesmanship vs Modest Censorship

Whatever happened to the Hindu quality of modesty and humility?

I keep getting press-releases from one Rajan Zed, who is apparently a leader of great stature and substantial achievement. Zed is an Indo-American leader who was invited to read historic first Hindu prayers to the Nevada Assembly and the Nevada Senate, as well as the United States Senate in Washington DC.

This seems to be one of his major claims to fame, followed by regular press-releases he issues on various subjects on Hinduism. Most of his statements are confined to the misuse and abuse of Hindu icons, offensive use of language and so on and so on and so on...

Now, there is nothing wrong in that. We do need stalwart statesmen such as Zed to keep the Hindu ball rolling (do we really, I can hear a few voices asking in the background).

One thing I do find a bit irritating about his statements is that he keeps issuing comments about what is happening in Britain. There is no doubt that he has every right to be concerned about what is happening to Hindus in any part of the world, but surely he cannot claim to understand the issues of British Hindus as well as British Hindus themselves? Yet, in utter isolation, without any reference to British Hindus themselves, he keeps issuing statement after statement about our situation here. Most of them do not even help our cause here, but simply relegate themselves to the 'uh-oh, yet-another-statement-from-the-Zed-PR-machinery' pile.

But every time he issues a statement, I cannot help chuckling in amusement and raising my eyebrows in embarrassment. That's because he always describes himself in his own press-releases as an 'acclaimed Hindu statesman'.

That brings me to my original point - whatever happened to Hindu modesty and humility?

Should one describe onself in the choicest words of praise?

Perhaps you should not read too much into this. The chap is full of energy and plays an active role in dozens of organisations fighting the Hindu corner with aplomb and ease.

But I just wish he can stop describing himself as an 'acclaimed Hindu statesman'. Publicly displaying one's high opinion of oneself is a bit cheesy and embarrassingly corny, to say the least!

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